…Each product contains natural and carefully selected ingredients, which are chosen for their specific functional properties, and are scrupulously controlled to guarantee the quality and safety of each formula.
Deep facial cleaning with alginate treatment
Alginates are  considered the best vehicles for the assimilation of the active ingredients with an excellent anti age result

Preparatory and maintaining face treatment
Indicated for the sun exposition. It consists of gommage treatment and melanin stimulator

Calendola treatment
Decongestant and calming, indicated for reddened skin and sensitive and subjected to couperose

Shea butter and argan treatment Super moisturizing

Anti-age treatment (with stem cells)
Tensor and lifting effect: specific for expression wrinkles (lips and eyes contour) with immediate result, because it contains plant’s stem cells, rich of collagen. For a good result it’s advised to do unless 3 treatments.
30’ or 1h

Make-up (necessary booking with 24hrs advance)
40’ or 1h

Cluster eyelashes extension

Traditional manicure 40’

Beauty Pedicure 45’

Healing Pedicure 60/80’

Nail polish change 10’

French manicure 50’

French pedicure
Ointment for feet and hands 50’ 10/15’

Lower leg+Bikini 30’

Complete leg 45’

Legs and thights 25’

Bikini 15’

Total bikini 20’

Underarms 10’

Arms 20’

Back or chest 40’

Upper lip 5’

Eyebrows 10/15’