The nearby ” La Colti ” farmhouse-restaurant , decorated in a style typical of the tradition of the Gallura farmhouses , serves typical Sardinian cuisine and especially that of Gallura. The menu is varied , so , on different days of the week and at different times of the year, the dishes vary , except some main dishes always present on the table . The diversification of the menu is dictated by the imagination of the cooks and the availability of seasonal produce.

” La Colti ” farmhouse-restaurant directly produces organic food with a certified organic system: it means that products (meat included ) are genuine and free of chemical treatments in each step of production. The family-run farmhouse production , also includes breeding sheep, rabbits and chickens , growing vegetables and fruit trees , as well as beekeeping for the production of various types of honey only for domestic needs and not for the general markets.

The restaurant has two large dining rooms able to accommodate, respectively , 40 and 80 seats.

Additional amenities include an outdoor uncovered patio that can hold up to 60 seats and a covered porch that can accommodate 30 people .