In our Harmony Wellness Center you can discover and experience perceptions, emotions and sensations that your senses transmit to your spirit and your mind. During your time in our “Garden of the Senses” you can choose colours, sound, scents and  sensations of touch which better correspond to your sensor profile. The Menu has been conceived in a way that offers you a complete range of treatments.

Relaxing and energetic, remodeling and anti-age treatments. This wide variety includes some exclusive mud wrap treatments using essentials oil extracted from plants native to Sardinia, “la macchia mediterranea sarda”.

We have creams from the “Luce Benessere Spa” line that uses the innovative use of the local flora including extract of myrtle, juniper, rosemary, lavender and rose’s oil which have nourishing and anti-age properties that will bring you in a “Garden of Senses”